Radar flushing unit for urinal Villeroy Boch Subway 751300, 6V

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Cod produs - SKU SLP 71RB


  • economy flushing by 1 litre of water
  • radar flushing unit for urinal Subway  7513 00 01
  • easy installation with paper drill template and bypass fitting
  • radar flusher hidden behind the ceramics
  • system react only on the direct use of the urinal (it detect the liquid (urine) stream)
  • adjustable flushing time from 0,5 to 15,5 sec.
  • adjustable minimum use time from 6 to 15 sec. (10 sec. factory setting)
  • parameters adjustment by SLD 04 remote control (without the necessity to dismantle the urinal from the wall)
  • automatic hygiene flush after each 6 hours of non-use
  • possibility to regulate a water flow by the angle valve
  • radar flushing unit recharges a water to the siphon after each flushing
  • possibility of factory reset by the remote control SLD 04

Specificatii tehnice

Tensiune de operare: 6 V
Presiune recomandată: 0,1 - 0,6 MPa
Debit: 12 lt/min (dată inf.)
Alimentare apă: filet ext. G 1/2"
Ieșire apă: fiting bypass cu garnitură din cauciuc


SLP 71RB - cod 11717 - unitate cu senzor radar pe placă de montaj pentru pisoar Subway 7513 00 01; fiting bypass cu garnitură din cauciuc, electrovalvă (1 buc.) și robinet sferic cu filtru; sifon; șablon din hârtie; set 4 baterii alcaline 1,5 V/2700 mAh tip AA (4 buc.); locaș baterii;set fixare