Stainless steel wall hung trough with integrated electronics, thermostatic valve, length 3000 mm, 24V DC

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Cod produs - SKU SLUN 83ET
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  • stainless steel wall hung washing troughs with integrated electronic
  • SLUN 80E, ET - lenght 1250 mm (2 pcs. of electronics)
  • SLUN 81E, ET - lenght 1900 mm (3 pcs. of electronics)
  • SLUN 82E, ET - lenght 2500 mm (4 pcs. of electronics)
  • SLUN 83E, ET - lenght 3000 mm (5 pcs. of electronics)
  • different lenghts could be made to order
  • material CrNi (AISI-304)
  • water temperature regulated by angle valves (models with E index) or by thermostatic valve (models with ET index)
  • brushed finish

Specificatii tehnice

Informații tehnice

Operating voltage: 24V DC external
Recommended flow pressure: 0,1 - 0,6 MPa
Rate of flow: 12 l/min. (inf. data)
Water inlet: male thread G 1/2“
Water temperature regulation: by thermostic mixer


Specificații livrare

SLUN 83ET - supply No. 93833 - stainless steel automatic washing manger, spouts, electromagnetic valves, connecting hoses, angle valve with a filter and check valve (2 pcs.), siphon, thermostatic valve